Voice Life Inc.,based upon a terahertz-based scalable network designed for far field wireless charging, is creating the next advancement in the capability to charge, maintain use and availability of smart phones and other electric-based products and devices.We have designed and developed a Far field Wireless Charging System (FFWCS) which will ultimately convert ambient terahertz waves into storable energy. This (FFWCS) will provide new opportunities with expanded applications. For example, the charging of smart phones, mobile devices, we arable electronics, sensors, medical devices,IoT,drone devices and customizable electric in dustrial vehicles.


Our technology is comprised of a combination of a specialized universal transceiver incorporating blockchain technology enhanced by artificial intelligence and utilizing current and future data and voice transmission networks. This combination focuses on the ability to extract from these ubiquitous energy sources the necessary power to effectively charge electronic devices including smart phones.
We are building the world’s first open-source blockchain based wireless power network with a mesh node constellation that will serve as part of the next generation decentralized infrastructure for the blockchain industry allowing users to harvest and store energy on a real-time global basis while remaining in a secure immutable and decentralized and proven blockchain cryptography space chain network. By utilizing an open source wireless power network protocol, Voice Life is untethering innovation from the earth space chain revolutionizing the space economy.

The Value of Integrating Blockchain And Space

Having the block-chain in space enables Voice Life to open-economic models that empower new products, especially in the development of our far-field wireless power system Through the inherent collaborative nature of blockchain technology, Voice Life is establishing a socio-economic model that can support globally shared and sustainable decentralized communities