Portable Transmitter/Receiver


The LifeLine Beam™ portable transmitter and receiver reference design represents a close-distancecharging design of 2-3 feet. Imagine all the small devices on your desk, table or front seat of your car all charging without having to be plugged in. The portable transmitter has the unique ability toreceive and store wireless power, transmit wireless power and has the ability to send power to any mobile phone or device that has a miniaturized recognizable receiver.


The size and number of transmitters determine the power and distance delivered. Since the Life-Linetechnology is very scalable and with new AI Software Development Platform we are looking at thecreation of future products providing wireless power and charging options to partners that vary fromcontact-based charging all the way up to 15-foot charging-at-a-distance, covering a total of 30-feetend-to-end.

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