Accelerating Graphene Innovation

A Comprehensive Block-Chain Solution for Wireless Charging


White Paper: Describes the Development and Application of Block-Chain Technology and Wireless Charging. In Particular, a Wi-Fi Method Utilizing a Block-Chain Technology Delivering Power to Mobile Devices, Power Sensors, and IOT Devices.

We have 2 patents pending, the first one Receiver Device for Facilitating Wireless Power Reception, and the second one Block-chain Based Method and System for Wireless Power Transmission.  On October 29, 2018 Filed Patent protection for our invention simultaneously in 140 countries by filing a single international patent application instead of filing several national or regional patent applications. Our IP is our most important asset: Our IP Strategy is Designed to Protect The 5 Key  Areas of Our Technology



Life-Line Power Connect:  IOT Platform: Premiere platform for both the provisioning of wireless power and management of IOT devices  (Patent Pending)

Smart Contract Specific Wireless Charging Decentralized Application (DApp) (In Development)


Application Specific Intergraded Circuit (ASIC) BlockChain Enabled Receiver


Unique Subscription Based Wireless Power Token (In Development)


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