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The Voice Life 
Energy Power Pack

Experience the simplicity and the speed of charging your phone like never before with our breakthrough Energy Power Pack.

The Voice Life 


Voice Life, Inc. was founded March 12, 2015 as a technology company focused on the development, integration and application of delivering a FAST charge to mobile devices.

We’ve transformed into a global leader in far field RF-based/ Fast wireless charging technology. Our products are made to usher in a new generation of fast, simple and wireless charging solutions for smartphones and other IoT devices across the global market.

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California we are deeply committed to innovation. Every solution that we create embodies our pursuit to reimagine today and reshape what’s possible tomorrow.

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Experience a boundless method of powering 
up your iPhone in two minutes and having two days of energy storage.
In our digital world, wired phone charging is becoming a cumbersome experience.
Relying on conventional technology keeps your fast-paced lifestyle from moving forward.
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Universal Energy 
Harvesting Transceiver

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